As you live life, you'll come across 'stuff' that hits home, that works for YOU, that makes a welcome change ...

This 'stuff' (quotes, photos, conversations, meetings, glimpses, chance meetings, happy accidents ...), that has really meant something to you on your journey, the words and phrases that have helped you be better in those important moments ... use them and

Create Your Own Self Motivational Guide Book ...

Make your own Self-Motivation Guidebook ... We are all unique and special, yet all feel similar emotions - take note of what works for you, be your own guide.

But ... and, why lose them? Why let them drift by in to the past? Grab them, keep them, have them there when you need them. Add them together along with how and why they guided you in to your personal motivational guide book

Now this is no ordinary book... it should reflect you, your tastes, desires, dreams and hopes. A book unique to you and your experience. The creation of it should reflect that experience.

You may choose a simple notebook to collect quotes in. You may choose to create the book yourself through scrap booking methods. You may buy a beautifully bound hardback notebook. Whatever, it should be something ' out of the ordinary'. Whichever method you choose, the content inside is what is important. Remember, you want this to be easily accessible, but also full of quotations that have made a difference to you one way or the other and will be able to continue making that difference.

Once you've sourced/created your guide book, start adding. Add the strongest motivations you can remember. Write about them, draw pictures of them, paste photographs or cuttings, quotes, whatever it needs.

Need reminding or a source of fresh self-motivation? Here are some good places to visit:

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Motivational Photographs:
Well ... what may motivate me, may not do the thing for you.
Use your mobile / cell phone.
Make it a goal to take 100 photographs in the next 7 days.
Photos of things that make you laugh, think great things, remind you of great memories, make you salivate ... got the idea!

Hey, the 'right' song can sure pick me up and make me bolder, more relaxed, more thoughtful, more creative ... !
Make a play list of the songs that pick you up ... put them on your computer, phone, mp3 player ... everywhere!
(With the best lyrics written in your guide book?)

... what have I missed out. My thinking can only work for me. Take a small notepad out when you go taking your photos. Ideas and thoughts will come to mind!

Strike while the iron is hot and get your book started today so that you will always have it to refer to in the future. We all look for help when the chips are down and our spirits are low. If you’ve enjoyed creating this book, all you’ll have to do is open a page and begin re-hearing, re-seeing, re-feeling the inspiration and motivation that means something to you.

Your shopping list:
Either a notebook or materials to make one yourself (more fun!)
Decorations for your book (let yourself go! It's your book - no one else need see it!).
A pack of bright cheery and colourful fine point felt pens.
Some glue (photos, cuttings).
Small, pocket size notebook.
And ... oh yes, that special item only you know about ...